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Hellis began in 1976 as an electronic component distributor
The company has always had the objective of being the reference point for clients looking for support in choosing the most suitable components for various application.

A selection of qualified and trustworthy trading partners, a constant attention to be clients needs has allowed Hellis to be competitive and more specialized in the distribution market of electronic components both active and passive.

The 30 years experience of the founder of Hellis, and that of younger collaborators has been recognized and awarded throughout the years by its clients and suppliers.
There are more and more clients that turn to Hellis for advice in choosing and supplying strategic components in their applications.

Of equal importance the trust our suppliers have demonstrated to us, throughout the years, giving us the promotion and selling of their products on the market.
Trust that Hellis has given back basing its sales philosophy on design in.

Taking care of the evolution in informatics technology, Hellis has always invested in the most advanced software to automate activity as much as possible to create a continuous improvement in the technical and commercial support offered to its clients on-line.

Professionality of its sales personnel
quality of service and of its products
complete our company image.